Interior Designers Of Saskatchewan

Who We Are

IDAS is a non-profit professional association whose primary functions are to protect public health and safety and regulate its members and the use of the title ‘Interior Designer’ in Saskatchewan.  We are also a resource for information for our members and the public and provide networking opportunities, mentoring, continuing education, professional and legislative advocacy.  IDAS is a volunteer run organization with approximately 100 members throughout the province.


The Interior Designers Association of Saskatchewan endeavour to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public through public education, networking, mentoring and professional growth in the membership.  IDAS acts as a resource demonstrating leadership, innovation and integrity in the development and promotion of interior design and self-regulation.

Role and Vision

To ensure that IDAS is recognized as the Regulatory Authority representing Interior Designers in Saskatchewan.

History of IDAS

The Interior Designers of Saskatchewan (IDS) was formed in 1968 by eight interior designers in Saskatoon. IDS was one of the original signatories to the Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) charter in May 1972, thus formalizing IDS with the Saskatchewan government.

In 1979 IDS accepted the NCIDQ exam as the qualification for registered membership and in 1989 the IDC liability insurance program was created, and liability insurance was made mandatory for membership in IDS.

The Interior Designers Act’ was proclaimed in the Saskatchewan legislature in June 1997.  The association’s name was changed to the Interior Designers Association of Saskatchewan (IDAS) and IDAS earned titles legislation, protecting the title of “Interior Designer” for use by registered members of IDAS.

In 2006 IDAS adopted a mandatory Professional Development Program ensuring members maintain high standards for continuing education.

In 2015 after a very successful membership drive, IDAS has reached 100 members and looks forward to continuing to grow and develop with the province of Saskatchewan.